Behringer moves into installation products

Installers, hold onto your hats because Behringer is the new name in town for installed products. According to Audio Pro International, the line includes “microphones to speakers and everything in between,” as well as the creation of a new department within Behringer, the Behringer Install Group (BIG). (The line is so new that there is no mention of the new product line or the announcement itself on their website as of today.)

Some of you may know Behringer as a manufacturer of a broad range of equipment, from mixers, loudspeakers and amps to lighting systems and keyboards. Fans of the brand’s pro audio products swear by the high performance at a low price point, whereas naysayers point to shoddy build quality and the company’s past reputation of “borrowing” the designs of competitive products. (True: The company has been sued by the likes of Roland and Mackie for just such offenses.)

No matter what side of the fence you’re on, this is an interesting move. The install market is feeling price pressure like never before, so the entrance of a company like Behringer that specializes in low price and lots of features is magnificent timing.