Beale Street Audio Shipping Nine New In-Ceiling Speakers Powered by Sonic Vortex Technology

phpeO1DczAMAmsterdam, NL – ISE Stand 1-P85 – February 10-12, 2015 – Beale Street Audio is making major sound waves at ISE 2015 with the launch of an initial group of nine new in-ceiling speakers powered by Sonic Vortex Technology™, a “twist” on traditional ported enclosure designs that brings true performance innovation to a growing but technologically stale category. Six new in-ceiling models are available with 6.5 and 8-inch woofers as well as three angled in-ceiling models with 6.5-inch woofers. All models feature 1-inch tweeters, an integrated retrofit enclosure and flexible industrial design options.

Beale Street Audio’s patented Sonic Vortex Technology reimagines the traditional ported enclosed speaker design to deliver significantly more bass and a flatter frequency response. This audible improvement is achieved by separating the main port of the enclosure into multiple sections called “fins” that are tuned to ideal listening specifications. The fins compress and move air at a high rate of speed without port noise and also add to the cabinet’s rigidity. Compared to sealed models, the Sonic Vortex design provides a 6 to 9 db boost in the mid-lower bass ranges and a flatter frequency response across the audio spectrum.

The new in-ceiling speakers are grouped into three different classes differentiated by price and driver materials: B (Better), MB (More Better) and BB (Better than their Best). B models feature injected poly woofers and silk dome tweeters to provide smooth sound at a great value. MB models feature ribbed injected poly woofers and aluminum tweeters for broader sound with deeper bass. BB models are the premium solution and feature extremely rigid and accurate carbon fiber woofers and titanium tweeters for maximum detail and power handling.

“I was a custom integrator for many years so I know how tired the architectural speaker category has become. Bezel-less designs and pivoting tweeters have aesthetic and marketing appeal, but do not represent any great technological achievement,” said Jim Murray, founder of Beale Street Audio. “Architectural speakers aren’t known for producing extreme low frequency effects and effortless clarity, but our Sonic Vortex Technology optimizes air movement within the cabinet enclosure to produce astonishing sound levels from such a small speaker.”

Beale Street Audio in-ceiling speakers are also highly scalable. Infinite variable designs for both cabinet air volume and port dimensions allows for flexible industrial design options. The depth and width of the integrated enclosure can vary based on the models, while still providing enhanced bass and better overall performance compared to similar products. The new speakers are also amplifier-friendly since they sound and perform like a sealed speaker cabinet with the same impedance curve.

Murray continued, “We are not just another flash-in-the-pan speaker manufacturer. Beale Street Audio is backed by a 95-year-old multimillion-dollar company with a nearly 50-year history in the audio business. We are shipping product today, we have an aggressive product development strategy and we are pursuing dealers and partners who want a speaker line that differentiates them in a crowded market now.”

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