Beacon: The Future of Technology That’s Already Arrived

A month or so ago, a participant in an upcoming article that I have written about Google Glass and wearables usage in higher education (coming in December) and I started another discussion, this one touching on beacon technology. I have to say that it was so enlightening, I decide that we should have a followup in-depth discussion on beacon tech, and after a few weeks we were finally able to put the conversation together. Kyle Parker happens to be the person I’m referring to and he and I have become good friends since the initial collaboration. We have had further discussions as well on cloud, BYOD, IoT and cybersecurity — all captivating discussions especially with our joint knowledge-base on these subjects.

Kyle is a Senior Software Engineer for Ball State University and is responsible for research, usage and oversight of developing technologies at the university. Kyle is also an app developer targeted to Android device usage. He has developed an app called The Traveler and it, as well as his work for Ball State, his experience, background and more are detailed in an article Meet the Devs — Kyle Parker.

I had decided after reading a few articles on beacon technology (including one that he had sent to me) that I would interview Kyle on the subject, and here it is (21 minutes)…

I’d like to thank Kyle for participating in this interview and there will be more to come from Kyle as we’ll have targeted discussions on other “now and the future” technology subjects. For more information on Kyle, here is his profile on LinkedIn. Watch for the upcoming article (in another well known industry publication) where he and two other professionals influential in Google Glass and wearables usage in higher ed will also be participating.