Be Still My Beating Heart

00372_00215Oh My Gosh!! You have to read Joel Rollin’s blog about a Crystal Radio!! At least so SOMEONE has to help me understand what the heck that is 🙂 Seriously…

Joel and I have had a lot of conversations about how we are not “Tweeters.” Meaning, neither of us feel we can say anything truly meaningful in less than 140 characters! And his post proves why you can’t touch someone without context:

It stilled my heart to read about how he became interested in our industry, and I loved seeing something I have NO clue what it means!! How many of you know what a Crystal Radio is or had one?!? This seems REALLY cool to me. Anyone know where I can get one to try?

To Joel’s point and what touched me the most: it was my grandfather who loved photography that got me interested in AV. He loved seeing a moment and delivering that feeling to someone else. He used cameras, overheads, and 2×2 slides (from Kodak). We all sat and watched as he replayed our vacations. All the while I was asking myself, “how did he do that?”

Joel, you blow me away and I am so honored to talk with you about Women in AV. You’re absolutely right. We need to give more girls, tools and encouragement to figure stuff out. I can tell you I was the only one who wanted to know HOW?? And, my grampa was more than happy to show me.

We need men like you in our industry who want to give young women and men the Crystal Radio!! I don’t know what that is, but I am excited for you to show me!!

Thank you so much Joel for understanding us little girls can do things too. It is because of men like you and my grampa, we ladies are making our destinies.