Bay Audio Intros PTM+ Home Theater Solution With Custom On-Site Tuning

ptmfamily-0414Bay Audio has introduced the PTM+ home theater solution, which pairs loudspeaker technology with collaborative specification and onsite factory tuning — what the company says are two critical stages of the theater design and build process.

The Bay Audio PTM+ lineup is fully customizable to accommodate each installation since Bay Audio’s factory-trained personnel would be tuning each system. Standard sizes include a compact, high output monitor, center channel, in-wall loudspeaker, bass staging module and subwoofers in three sizes. PTM+ loudspeakers’ design elements include inert 1-inch MDF cabinet designs veneered inside and out, multiple internal braces to lock all cabinet walls in place and eliminate unwanted resonances. PTM+ loudspeakers also include an energy dispersion pad behind each premium grade driver to absorb unwanted vibrations. PTM+ loudspeakers feature precision tuned crossover networks utilizing 5 percent resistors, 250-volt polypropylene capacitors, high-quality bypass capacitors and 12-gauge internal wiring.

Two worksheets are generated by Bay Audio for each theater — one addressing technical specifications of the room, the other addressing design and décor. Bay Audio will dispatch a trained technician to each completed PTM+ home theater installation in order to correctly calibrate output levels, equalization, time alignment and any other adjustable parameters of the system.

For more information on the PTM+ Home Theater Solution, click here.