Bay Audio Introduces the PTM+ Home Theater Solution

bayaudiologoApril 21, 2014 – Poway, CA—Bay Audio, supplier of the ultimate custom loudspeaker solutions for A/V integrators and specialty dealers has announced today the introduction of the PTM+ home theater solution. PTM+ distinguishes itself from competitive systems by pairing outstanding loudspeaker technology with collaborative specification and onsite factory tuning—two critical stages of the theater design and build process that leverage the engineering expertise at Bay Audio as a resource to the dealer for each PTM+ sale.

Bay Audio PTM+ Loudspeakers
A magical home theater experience results from the combination of strong science and a touch of artistry. We developed Bay Audio PTM+ speakers anticipating that our factory-trained personnel would be tuning each system. This foresight has enabled our engineers to concentrate on building loudspeakers with incredible headroom, stunningly low levels of distortion and smooth off-axis dispersion. Manufactured with great care, PTM+ speakers are the technologically precise instruments we need to create the ultimate home theater. The Bay Audio PTM+ lineup is fully customizable to accommodate each installation. Standard sizes include a compact, high output monitor, center channel, in-wall loudspeaker, bass staging module and subwoofers in three sizes. PTM+ loudspeakers’ advanced design elements include inert 1-inch MDF cabinet designs veneered inside and out to balance and protect the material, multiple internal braces to lock all cabinet walls in place and eliminate unwanted resonances. PTM+ loudspeakers also include an energy dispersion pad behind each premium grade driver to absorb unwanted vibrations. PTM+ loudspeakers feature precision tuned crossover networks utilizing 5% resistors, 250V polypropylene capacitors, high-quality bypass capacitors and 12-gauge internal wiring.

Collaborative Specification
The Bay Audio PTM+ home theater system is a solution with verifiable performance characteristics that also addresses the design/décor needs of the client. This synergy is achieved through a collaborative specification process, teaming the onsite expertise of the dealer with the engineering prowess at Bay Audio. Two worksheets are generated by Bay Audio for each theater—one addressing technical specifications of the room, the other addressing design and décor. The end result is a perfectly tuned theater solution that meets or exceeds the expectations of the customer in terms of both performance and value.

Onsite Factory Tuning
To provide the ultimate home theater experience, Bay Audio dispatches a trained technician to each completed PTM+ home theater installation in order to correctly calibrate output levels, equalization, time alignment and any other adjustable parameters of the system. Factory tuning the systems adds critical support to integrators while delivering the utmost value to consumers.

“The PTM+ concept gives our dealers access to the engineering expertise at Bay Audio as a resource, enabling them to create the most satisfying home theater environment for each client,” explained Bay Audio CEO Ira Friedman. “PTM+ differentiates our brand and in turn, helps our dealers differentiate themselves in a competitive market.” Bay Audio PTM+ theater systems are available now from Bay Audio authorized and certified dealers.