‘Bassins des Lumières’ Project Wins 2022 Sinus – Systems Integration Award

A place with a dark history is transformed into an immersive work of art unlike any other in the world: the ‘Bassins des Lumières’ project in Bordeaux receives the ‘Sinus – Systems Integration Award 2022’. Since June 2020, the technically complex installation has invited culture enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a sea of pictures, colours, sounds and history on the site of a former submarine bunker. Representatives of the Paris-based art collective ‘Culturespaces’, which is responsible for the project, will receive the award at Prolight + Sound on 27 April 2022. From 26 to 29 April 2022, the trade fair in Frankfurt am Main will kick off the season for international industry events centred around media and event technology and will present products and solutions from hundreds of exhibitors.

The Sinus jury particularly praises the meaningful overall concept that gives the ferroconcrete colossus from NS times a second life as a place of cultural encounter and fascination for art. The award also recognises the forward-looking use of state-of-the-art media technology solutions. In this way, the creators of Bassins des Lumières were able
to master the most demanding tasks in the technical and creative implementation of the project in an unprecedented way.

The Sinus is one of the most prestigious industry awards in the field of audiovisual installation. It has been awarded annually at Prolight + Sound since 2004. The Sinus jury and board of trustees are made up of representatives of the German Entertainment Technology Association (VPLT), the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC), the trade press, companies from the sector and Messe Frankfurt.

Bassins des Lumières: arts, water, concrete, technology

Immediately after entering the historic military building in the Bacalan district of Bordeaux, a seemingly boundless virtual world opens up to visitors in the surreal ambience of the concrete grotto.

The bunker’s 600,000 cubic metres of reinforced concrete are turned into a gigantic 360-degree projection screen that also includes the water surfaces of the 12-metre-deep basins. Using elaborate edge blending and distortion algorithms, artworks by Gustav Klimt and Paul Klee are seamlessly integrated into the winding architecture of the facility built in 1941 for the German submarine fleet. These form the basis for the 50-minute multimedia performance that art enthusiasts experience in a continuous loop. The audience moves completely freely through the enormous worlds of light and sound, accompanied by trombone sounds to Wagner’s Tannh user Overture, excerpts by Beethoven, Mahler, Rachmaninoff and Puccini.

Sinus2022 c Culturespaces Anaka Photographie

Winning project of the Sinus 2022: “Basins des Lumières” in Bordeaux.

More than 90 Barco DLP projectors wrap the grey concrete surfaces in an almost lavishly colourful robe. Around 30 Kinetic media servers from Modulo-Pi ensure the harmonious playback of the content by means of complex analysis and simulation processes. 80 actively operated, network-controlled CAL loudspeakers from Meyer Sound use beam steering technology to provide a directional sound experience without any diffusiveness.

From 11 February 2022 to 2 January 2023, Bassins des Lumières will be open with a new exhibition. The focus will be on the artistic and architectural masterpieces around the lagoon city of Venice.