Barstool Sports Debuts New Nashville Bar Using All DAS Audio

barstool sports nashville bar

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Nashville’s Lower Broadway is legendary for its nightlife. The city’s short stretch of only a few blocks is home to dozens of nightclubs and pubs, most with multiple stages and musical acts to fuel even the most voracious pub crawlers. It takes a very special kind of establishment to stand out in such a competitive market, and Barstool Nashville is definitely up to the task.

barstool sports bar 2

Part of the Barstool Sports portfolio, Barstool Nashville opened its doors in the summer of 2023 in a landmark brick building overlooking the Cumberland River, and immediately established itself as a nexus for the city’s trendsetters and influencers. The multi-level, multimedia club features high-end video throughout, along with a cutting edge sound system featuring a mix of DAS Audio and E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio loudspeakers and amplification.

For system designer Salvatore Accardi of Accardi Designs, a primary focus was on choosing a system that could provide the flexibility to address the wide range of artists from across different genres who play each night in the legendary Music City. The system centers around a VANTEC curved array covering the main stage, with a pair of three VANTEC-20A 12-inch active two-way systems flown with VANTEC-118A 18-inch direct firing active subwoofers on either side of the stage. Three UX-218 subs are installed onstage, with a fourth UX-218 on the other side of the bar for extra punch.

barstool sports bar 3

The venue’s massive main area is covered by a total of 40 speakers from the E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio series. The ES-10 high-powered two-way point source speakers provided perfect coverage for the entire space, based on simulation software provided by the DAS Audio engineering team. Six Quantum Series Q-10 10-inch compact subwoofers and three more ARTEC-322S compact dual 12-inch bass reflex subs keep the dance floor pumping. And outside on the deck, six WR-8826-DX dual six-inch weather resistant boxes keep the music going. The system is powered by eight E11EVEN Sound by DAS Audio EP-6K4 four-channel 1200W amps and one EP-22K4 four-channel 4600W amp.

Deploying the system was not without its challenges, Accardi reports. “It’s a two story space with a mezzanine, so the ceiling over the dance floor is crazy high. We were sitting on trusses bolting them in. They had already deployed a bunch of oversized, industrial ceiling fans, which made things a bit tricky.”

Audience reaction to the new Barstool Nashville club has been simply stellar, says Accardi. “Lower Broadway is Nashville’s tourist mecca, and on any given night there are dozens of clubs trying to draw people in. We wanted to create an environment with the best sound and video on the street, and we’ve definitely achieved that.”