Barix Releases New Annuncicom Device With Elevated Security Standards


The new Annuncicom Audio-over-IP device was developed for networked intercom and paging applications with elevated security standards. The Annuncicom MPI400 can serve as a “robust IP intercom and paging end point or as a gateway between IP and legacy systems, microphone/speakers or an amplifier.” It is deployable within an InfomaCast or Syn-Apps architecture for emergency mass notification systems, and meets the latest requirements for secure SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) integration with VoIP telephone systems.

The Annuncicom MPI400 is also the first Barix Annuncicom device to support the OPUS codec, offering higher-quality audio for SIP voice transmission as well as background music streams. It can support bidirectional calls and trigger relays through Teams for door or siren activations, for example.

The PoE-powered Annuncicom MPI400 feature set also includes contact closure inputs, relay outputs, and line and mic/speaker support. Its two dry contact closure inputs are expandable to USB to establish a connection or select a delivery target, while low voltage replay outputs can activate amplifiers when SIP calls are received.

Now shipping, Barix will publicly debut the Annuncicom MPI400 device at ISE 2023.