Barix Updates Audio Over IP Programming Language and SIP Firmware

barix-PS16_Web800-0116Audio over IP pioneer Barix has released a new revision of ABCL, its programming platform that supports all Barix hardware devices and IPAM modules for OEMs across paging, intercom, music delivery and SIP applications.

ABCL provides the flexibility and open programmability that has long enabled system integrators to customize audio over IP solutions to exact end user requirements in a highly cost-efficient manner. The new version of ABCL adds, among other enhancements, GPIO support for the IPAM 301 and 302 modules in control applications, AD Gain control on IPAM 102 for MP3 files and support for a new LCD display on the Barix Annuncicom PS16 master paging station.

Barix will showcase its latest Instreamer (encoding), Exstreamer (decoding), Annuncicom (two-way audio) and IPAM (OEM modules) products with the updated ABCL platform at ISE 2016 (Stand 8-H280), taking place February 9-12 at the RAI Exhibition Center in Amsterdam.

Barix will additionally demonstrate new versions of its SIP client firmware and Crestron RAVA application at ISE. The new SIP client firmware extends the compatibility of Barix devices to additional PBX server brands beyond Cisco and Asterisk, which Barix has long supported. This allows end users in corporate, education and other verticals to support paging and Intercom in a SIP environment, integrate analog stations into SIP based systems, and feed background music into SIP phone systems.

Barix introduced its RAVA application in 2013 to enable SIP compatibility between Barix Annuncicom devices and Crestron RAVA touch panels for door intercom applications. The solution offers automatic device discovery and seamless peer-to-peer communication without a central server, simplifying integration and effectively bridging analog and digital components within RAVA environments. The new version of the RAVA application allows the Annuncicom to operate in full duplex mode. This supports acoustic echo cancellation for improved audio quality.

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