Barco’s weConnect Relaunches as Cloud-Based Digital Platform (aka AVaaS)

Barco today launched the updated weConnect 1.2. But the big story here is in the details that are buried in the press release. The collaborative cloud-based learning solution is aimed at higher education and now has two new use cases and new upgrades.

  • Adding interactive huddle space and lecture hall as brand-new use cases
  • Modular cloud-based solution which enables customers to customize rooms

weConnect expands its possibilities to premium huddle spaces and lecture halls next to connected classrooms and collaboration rooms. Adding these two new use cases, Barco enables universities to implement the BYOD-centered active learning solution in different set ups all over the campus, where teachers and students can collaborate and interact, using their own devices and connecting to the system via the campus Wi-Fi.

Another cool new feature of weConnect is called Quiz me, quick. This particular upgrade takes classroom interactivity and collaboration to the next level by introducing silent questions, as well as launching quizzes and polls in under five seconds in all classrooms. 
But here’s the big news (read carefully!!!): weConnect 1.2 will be offered as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), subscription-based business model enabled by Barco’s new web-based Digital Engagement Platform. This platform will be open to US-based partners and customers from today onwards and in a later stage in countries in Europe. It will serve as a digital collaborative portal allowing them to manage their subscriptions in an easy and efficient way.
In other words, AVaaS — AV as a Service, yes, AV as a Service. This will allow integrators to get recurring revenue — even when the customer/school buys the service or products from Barco. So even though the school can, technically, add users and functionality through the cloud using Barco’s Digital Engagement Platform, Barco will still reward the dealer for the relationship (and sale).
Currently, the weConnect platform can be specified and ordered in four different configurations: Collaboration Rooms, Classrooms, Lecture Halls and Interactive Huddle Spaces. Each can be specified and designed via Barco’s online Digital Engagement Platform here.

Barco’s weConnect 1.2 also offers innovative, flexible configuration, which gives universities the opportunity to adapt the classrooms depending on the lecture needs. Automatic reconfiguration, the possibility to add overflow rooms and room role options add a new dynamic to the room management on campus. Ease-of-use and intuitive interfaces guide facility managers and teachers with confidence towards the classroom they need, adapted to the way they teach. 

And, now, weConnect includes single sign-in! Barco’s collaborative learning solution uses the physical infrastructure of the existing campus network. With the upgrade it offers a custom university URL and allows a Single Sign-on. 

Barco’s weConnect is here.