Barco’s Newest Is FL40 Laser Driving Simulator Projector

Barco will debut the FL40 series in a compact, interactive driving simulator at ISE 2019. The FL40 projector is a solid-state projector, using the latest in HLD and LED illumination technology.

Built on the Barco Pulse software platform, the FL40 has a flexible architecture that allows for up to 4K (3840×2400) resolution and low-latency processing taking place in only one single step. Barco says that regardless of resolution or degree of geometry correction, the image latency is always kept to a minimum.

Offered in native WUXGA and WQXGA resolution, the FL40 WQXGA version can be extended up to 4K resolution (3840×2400) via Barco’s proprietary Single Step Processing (SSP) technology — a unique feature of the powerful and flexible Barco Pulse unified software platform. Thanks to the SSP technology in Barco Pulse the FL40 delivers high resolution images faster and at lower latency than any other competing technology. The FL40 uses a proven DLP sealed optical engine and latest solid state HLD LED illumination. Simulator operators can benefit from reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with extended maintenance cycles and no lamp changes or color adjustments for up to 50,000 hours.

In the Barco Hospitality suite a two channel FL40 will be integrated into a compact VI-grade driving simulator with a curved screen by project: syntropy. ProjectionTools by will be used to perform projection alignment and calibration of the two FL40 projectors, an operation that is performed via the Barco Pulse software inside the FL40. The result is a perfectly warped and blended projection image, combined with meticulously precise correction of color, black-level and many more parameters.

The FL40 and the Compact Driving Simulator solution can be found in the Barco Hospitality suite D504 on the 5th floor of the Elicium building. The FL40 is here.