Barco’s New Real-Time Analytics Platform for Retail Digital Signage Debuts

barco-analytics-0616Barco just launched InfiniSense, a real-time data analytics platform that collects, manages and applies real-time data for any place-based advertising endpoint. The intelligent sensors of the InfiniSense platform scan the environment and audience in a display’s direct environment. The anonymized audience data is analyzed in real time by the InfiniSense cloud-based analytics software to provide Key Performance Indicators, dashboards, and reports. This enables retail and advertising companies to instantly customize their messages for increased relevance – which ultimately leads to higher conversion or impressions. InfiniSense will be commercially available from July 2016.

barco-ds-0616Thanks to the real-time InfiniSense audience analytics, users can determine the ROI of every single display in their advertising or retail signage network as they know exactly which displays get the most attention and who is looking at them. This not only enables them to optimize their display network or in-store flow and product placement, it also allows them to target campaigns more precisely for a higher return on investment. Thanks to InfiniSense, advertising companies not only understand the value of a certain advertising location or display, they can make smart decisions on converting static inventory to digital as well. Moreover, InfiniSense can also be combined with static advertising to assess important KPIs of the advertisement and its location. As such, InfiniSense provides objective metrics to support a smart decision on converting to digital.

The dashboards and KPIs gathered in the InfiniSense software can easily be visualized in any content management software. KPIs that are available as a dashboard or in a table/report format include: total reach versus impressions, unique traffic, individual dwell time, audience demographics (including age and gender), and heat maps that show traffic density over a specific time period.

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