Barco’s New FL40 Is a 50,000-Hour Projector

Barco announces the FL40 series of solid-state projectors using HLD and LED illumination technology specified to run in nonstop 24/7 applications. Offered in native WUXGA and WQXGA resolution, the FL40 WQXGA version can be extended up to 4K resolution (3840×2400) via Barco’s Single Step Processing (SSP) technology — a feature of Barco Pulse unified software platform.

Even designed for applications where the projector may be pitching, rolling or bouncing in the air, at sea or on land, the Barco FL40 includes a solid aluminum baseplate — itself acting as a mounting plate — coupled with an array of mounting points in the front and on the top, makes this projector suited for use on motion platforms.

The FL40 uses a DLP sealed optical engine and HLD LED illumination so simulator operators can benefit from reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with extended maintenance cycles and no lamp changes or color adjustments for up to 50,000 hrs. Barco’s Constant Light Output (CLO) functionality claims total predictability in linear brightness performance over the life of the projector. Additional protection is available when using new, intelligent, high-efficiency air filters for installations in dusty and polluted environments.

Extending the FL40 series is the FS40, which offers NVG stimulation through a dedicated IR LED channel, in addition to the standard features of the FL40. Dual-input support for simultaneous IR and RGB images, up to WQXGA at 120 Hz resolution, allows for individual image adjustments and intensity in both daytime and the nighttime scenarios, with NVG stimulation for a fully immersive training experience at any time of day.

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Barco’s FL40 will be available in Q1 2019. Here are all the specs.