Barco’s E2 Processing Family Gets an Upgrade

Barco just announced the next generation in the E2 processing family, a new expansion card and its standards-based fiber solution for 4K video transport (this is where Barco is doing AV-over-IP, by the way). This is a 10G AV-over-IP system.

The newest addition to the E2 family features all the features of its predecessors such as the rugged and modular design, the same user interface and the flexible layer management. However, it also enables pixel processing power with increased 4K input capacity, due to the total number of sixteen 4K60p inputs. In addition, the E2 Gen 2 ships fully configured with their second generation of single cable 4K60p video interface cards. Also, improved power supplies add reliability and the new 4K Multi-viewer brings full 4K resolution or four independent HD outputs allowing for full situational awareness of all inputs and outputs in the system while operating shows. Thanks to its linkable chassis, the E2 Gen 2 can easily expand beyond the capabilities of a single box supporting the largest canvases available without the need for additional external processing or matrix routing.

Many of today’s events and installations use fiber to transmit signals over long distances relying on external fiber extenders which increases the complexity of the show setup. With native 4K60p processing using SMPTE standard fiber formats, Barco’s peer to peer fiber solution eliminates the need for external fiber extenders. The complete fiber card solution consists of a fiber output card connected to the image processing device and a fiber input card which can be integrated in Barco’s large venue projectors like the UDX.

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To further support the growth of 4K signals, Barco also brings a new CXP I/O expansion card. Previously, if two or more screen management processors were linked together, the EX was not able to be included in the system. With the new CXP I/O card, the EX can be used as a stage box extension or input expansion while still keeping the main processors linked together, enabling the processing of those extremely large pixel canvases.

the E2 Gen 2 also supports HDR 10 and HLG high dynamic range content, wide color gamut (BT.709, DCI-P3 and BT.2020) and high frame rate signals up to 120Hz natively.

Barco is in booth 3400 but the E2 Gen 2 is here.