Barco’s DSE Plans

Barco is sharing its latest innovations for creating a connected, engaging experience in retail stores and corporations at this year’s DSE 2017. These solutions are designed to empower brands and business owners to deliver real-time engaging communications to the right audience, at the right time, on the right device. See them in action at DSE from March 29-30 in Booth #626 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Barco has combined its innovative LED, laser projection and software solutions to help marketers create rich, visual experiences that grab customers’ attention while capturing valuable information about them to improve promotional campaigns precisely targeted to their needs and interests. Many are interactive and all provide real-time feedback to allow owners to tailor their messaging and visuals to individuals.

Jurgen De Backer, market manager for Barco is hosting two roundtables that explore ideas for optimizing the retail environment inside and out:

Barco will also be showing its latest solutions in the booth:

  • With InfiniSense, a cloud-based, real-time data analytics platform, users can capture and measure audience demographics and behavior data to better target their promotions. The HTML5-based X2O platform, LED/LCD displays and projectors allows them to connect content and people, anywhere anytime.
  • The X2O visual communications platform is a ubiquitous tool for engaging employees in the new digital workplace. The new X2O Mobile app makes corporate content readily available wherever employees are located, enhancing decision-making with instant access to key business metrics and real-time interactive dashboards.
  • This flexible, lightweight, ultra-thin R10 LED technology inspires creative freedom for the most imaginative installations. Set-up is fast and easy, saving time and money while impressing visitors with a unique and dynamic display.
  • Thanks to its high brightness and extremely small pixel pitch, the Barco X2 LED display not only suits the needs of traditional LED tile markets, but also of new applications for enterprises, car show rooms, etc., enabling high brightness and resolution for indoor environments.
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    DSE visitors can enjoy live demos of Barco’s digital signage solutions at Booth #626 or make an appointment with Jurgen here.