Barco’s DP2K-20CLP laser phosphor projector receives award at BIRTV2016

barcoBeijing, China, 23 August, 2016, — Barco, a leader in digital cinema technology, announced today that Barco’s DP2K-20CLP laser phosphor cinema projector was presented with the 2016 Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition’s (BIRTV2016) ‘special product’ award. This award represents not only the industry’s recognition of Barco’s superior product quality, but also its appreciation for the company’s leading position in laser projection technology.

Early 2014, Barco officially launched its flagship laser projector portfolio, the DP4K-L Series, which incorporates the RGB six-primary-color technology that won the product award at the BIRTV that year. Successive awards won by Barco products that are based on two different laser source technologies reflect the industry’s high expectations for laser. The Barco DP2K-20CLP projector, which clinched the award this year, is the first laser phosphor projector based on China’s proprietary ALPD technology and the first to break 20,000 lumens will be premiered by Barco’s global R&D new product team.
Leading in laser

“By leveraging our expertise in the field of laser illumination, we have formed mutually complementary laser product line, becoming the industry leader and the first choice for cinemas when it comes to full laser solutions. The Barco RGB six-primary-color flagship laser projector is suitable for high-end cinema applications and offers unprecedented perfection in image quality. Even more, the Barco laser phosphor projector is designed for mainstream cinemas to help them reduce operation costs and deliver consistently excellent screening quality,” said Stijn Henderickx, Global Vice President of Digital Cinema at Barco. “Barco’s full-laser product offering is now very well developed.”
A model of efficiency and economy

The Barco DP2K-20CLP was highly praised as soon as it was unveiled at the Asian Film Exposition (CineAsia) last year. It has pushed the brightness of phosphor light sources to the new industry level of 20,000 lumens (compliant with DCI specifications) for the first time. While offering greater brightness, the Barco laser phosphor projector consumes less power, promising 50% savings over xenon light sources. Barco’s superior sealed light engine and liquid cooling system extends the service life of the laser phosphor source to 30,000 hours and beyond (with a brightness reduction of no more than 30% of the original value). It eliminates bulb replacement costs required by traditional xenon lamps, significantly improving both efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

“Working closely with CINEAPPO, we have completed laser retrofit upgrades  and renovations for over 800 cinemas and orders for 900 more in mainland China” said Dr. Xu Heran, General Manager of CFG-Barco. “In addition, Barco has completed the L Series, BLP Series and CLP Series products, and is planning to successively launch ALPD laser source versions of SLP Series products to help more cinemas benefit from the advantages of laser projection as quickly as possible.”
Restoring the vivid quality

Viewers often complain about the low brightness levels of traditional 3D projection, which can potentially result in low 3D image quality and eye fatigue. The brightness of laser projection technology makes it the perfect choice for the screening of 3D movies. These features enable the audience to enjoy clearer, more exquisite 3D images of unparalleled quality and a completely immersive cinema experience. The Barco DP2K-20CLP is the ideal choice for mainstream cinemas that are looking to upgrade to laser projection.
Visit us at BIRTV 2016

This year’s BIRTV exhibition will be held at China International Exhibition Center Beijing from 24-27 August. You are invited to visit the CFG-Barco booth to discuss future cinema development together with us! Barco laser projection demos: cinema equipment hall (2A249).

About CFG-Barco

CFG-Barco (Beijing) Electronics Co., Ltd. [CFG-Barco], founded in 2011, is the joint venture of two Barco subsidiaries — Barco Visual (Beijing) Electronics Co., Ltd. and Barco China (Holdings) Limited Company — and China Film Equipment Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of China Film Group.

CFG-Barco is the embodiment of Barco and China Film Group’s determination to develop China’s digital cinema market by strengthening the localized development and production of digital cinema products and services in China.

Through its customer service facilities, sales, local R&D, and production initiatives, CFG-Barco will maintain the Barco brand and world-class quality to provide end users with targeted local services. Leveraging the experience and influence of China Film Equipment Co. Ltd., CFG-Barco will also build more effective communication channels and a more intimate relationship with customers.

The headquarters and manufacturing factory of CFG-Barco (Beijing) Electronics Co., Ltd. are located in Changping District, Beijing.