Barco’s Dirk Hendrickx Talks Cloud Visualization and Barco’s Future

barco 0113

In this pre-show ISE 2013 video interview, rAVe’s founder Gary Kayye sits down withBarco’s vice president of EMEA, Dirk Hendrickx, and he speaks all about Barco’s future strategy. It’s way, way more than projectors. In fact, he outlines a really interesting vision forBarco’s future including something he coined as Cloud Visualization. He believes that Barco’s role in AV’s future will be to help in the convergence of AV and IT. And not as a display company, actually, but as a company that will help distribute and manage content via the cloud – so that you can project whatever you want whenever you want. Sources are all just fed out to the cloud and peeled off the cloud as you need them.

You need to watch this video to understand his vision – it’s one we agree with 100 percent and we love the term Cloud Visualization.