Barco’s A/V Control Solution Gets Upgrade

Barco announced an update to its A/V control solution Overture. New automation features that allow users to better schedule events and automate behaviors are now available to existing and new customers.

Released in February 2017, Overture created a revolution in A/V control solutions. Because it’s an IP-based software system where any network-connected device can be controlled via a browser.

By introducing new automation features, Overture allows users to get the most out of their A/V Control systems. Overture’s ‘Behaviors’ enable the automatic creation of a task associated to a specific point (device, room, location). For example, an administrator can set a task to automatically switch on or off all the devices on the same floor at the end of the workday — without any programming. Moreover, the detection of the state of a variable can be used as a trigger for automation. For example, the moment a ClickShare button is plugged into a laptop, the projector will automatically power on and switch to the ClickShare source.

The ‘Scheduler’ capability now enables users to set certain actions at pre-defined times, such as turning off all devices at night to save electricity. With the addition of the Behaviors and Scheduler functions, a facility or IT manager can easily configure the system to enable the entire enterprise to be controlled with the click of a button or even execute tasks automatically at specific times.

You can learn about Overture here.