Barco and Vogel’s Collaborate on Barco UniSee Universal Video Wall Mounts

Barco and Vogel’s Professional have announced new Barco UniSee Universal video wall solutions. Using a specifically designed adapter, a Barco UniSee video wall can now be connected to the ceiling and/or floor or be used as a free standing installation. Features include:

  • Dedicated Unisee Mount adapter (included in UniSee Mount packaging)
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Modular system
  • Lightweight aluminum profiles
  • Integrated Cable management
  • TÜV-5 certified

Barco UniSee is an LCD video wall platform and was launched in October 2017. One of the most innovative features of Barco UniSee is the specifically designed mounting structure that uses the power of gravity to align the individual displays at any time. This mounting structure is to support UniSee bezel-less LCD video walls. Until now, the UniSee Mount could only be attached to walls, but a purpose-designed adapter (part of the UniSee Mount package) now allows it to be easily connected to a Vogel’s Universal video wall solution enabling a ceiling-, floor- or a free standing mounting solution.

Vogel’s universal video wall mounting solutions are available in dedicated versions for floor to ceiling, fixed to floor, freestanding floor, free hanging ceiling, ceiling to wall, floor to wall set-ups.

Here are the details.