Barco Uses the Cloud with Barco Insights Projection Management Platform

barco cloud 0220

Barco is launching a new cloud-based internet of things (IoT) solution for projector management. Called Barco Insights, Barco says it will simplify and facilitate remote monitoring and serviceability by cutting out time-consuming and error-prone manual administration thanks to the cloud-based storage of projectors’ usage data and light-source run-times. The live dashboards also give real-time information on the operating and environmental conditions of the projectors for more effective device analysis and proactive troubleshooting. Users can securely access the IoT platform on any device with an internet connection. There’s no complex setup and network configuration, no localhost PC and no software to install to make it all work.

Rollout of this subscription-based cloud platform will happen in different stages with functionality becoming gradually available throughout 2020. The basic features will be automatically embedded in the UDM projectors, of which Barco is also launching a 15K lumens version at ISE 2020, for the first two years of usage.

Here are all the details.