Barco Enables Streaming Surgery in 4K

barco-or-over-up-1115Healthcare imaging is a focus for Barco and now they’ve announced a 4K end-to-end solution for the operating room, comprising a 4K 31” and 58” surgical display and its OR-over-IP management platform for streaming of 4K video and data.

Obviously, offering four times the resolution of HD, 4K imaging in the operating room is proving to offer significant benefits when performing a surgical procedure. In February 2015, Dr. Mathieu D’Hondt (AZ Groeninge hospital, Kortrijk) performed Belgium’s first liver laparoscopy in 4K using Barco’s display technology. “The resolution and level of detail enabled by 4K technology is truly amazing! Our original HD screens already offered excellent image quality, but with the 4K display, you get to see details you wouldn’t have seen before. Depth perception is better too — and contrast and differences in color are clearer. It’s as good as an open surgery,” Dr. D’Hondt concluded.

Like all of Barco’s surgical displays, the new 31” 4K display (MDSC-8232) has been designed and approved for use in a surgical environment. Advanced screen technology and color calibration allow for representation of 4K images without artifacts and enable flexible screen positioning during the procedure. Even when viewed from a wide viewing angle, the color accuracy is still superb.However, in order to get a good image, the whole chain – from camera through processing – has to be in the same quality — i.e., 4K. If there is any variation, the quality of the final image will be affected. That’s why Barco also offers Nexxis, an OR-over-IP management solution for end-to-end uncompressed streaming of 4K images, inside the operating room and between ORs.

The MDSC-8232 is also available with an integrated Nexxis 4K decoder to work perfectly together with Barco’s Nexxis platform for video-over-IP integration in the operating room.

Barco also offers a large-format 58” 4K screen (MDSC-8258) for display of multiple images.

Here are all the details.