Barco spurs conversion to laser cinema projection with the launch of 7 new laser cinema projectors

dp4k-60l-left-jpgKortrijk, Belgium, 6 December 2016 – Digital cinema leader Barco proudly announces the growth of its laser-illuminated cinema projector portfolio with two high-contrast flagship laser projectors for premium cinema screens and five new laser phosphor projectors for small to large screens. Following its flagship DP4K-L laser projectors and 2K CLP series of laser phosphor projectors, Barco is now bringing laser benefits to all cinema screens with the introduction of the 2K SLP series for small to mid-size screens and the 2K/4K BLP range for mid-size to large screens. The 6P RGB high-contrast range doubles the contrast of Barco’s current flagship laser projectors and provides exhibitors with an even broader choice in the Premium Large Format (PLF) segment. The BLP laser phosphor projectors will be shipping by the end of 2016, the SLP laser phosphor and LHC high-contrast projectors will be available first half of 2017.

“Exhibitors are continuously looking for ways to improve the movie experience while optimizing their cinema operations to minimize costs,” comments Stijn Henderickx, VP Cinema at Barco. “We bring laser benefits to all cinema screens. From the ultra-bright, high-contrast 6P RGB flagship laser projectors to our cost-effective laser phosphor projectors, we provide the widest range of DCI-compliant laser-illuminated cinema projectors in the industry. This enables every exhibitor to tap into laser projection – irrespective of screen size, theater size, or budget.”

Barco is introducing two high-contrast versions of its flagship laser projector series that offer twice the contrast – up to 6,000:1 – of its current flagship laser projectors. With the DP4K-20LHC and DP4K-40LHC, Barco offers exhibitors a wider range of options to captivate audiences with the ultimate visual experience. Reaching brightness levels of 36,000 lumens, the LHC series provide the same superior color saturation and uniformity as the other flagship laser projectors. Next to offering exceptional image quality for white and silver screens, the LHC enable exhibitors to simplify operations and reduce operating expenses. What’s more, an upgrade path is available for customers who already own a flagship laser projector from Barco.

New laser phosphor models: bringing laser benefits to every screen

Reduced total cost of ownership
The laser phosphor cinema projectors free users from all lamp-related costs and allow for significant energy savings. Thanks to their unique cooling system, they boast long lifetimes. Furthermore, their optical efficiency is also significantly higher than lamp-based projectors – resulting in electricity bill savings of up to 50%. The introduction of the SLP series brings laser projection down to unprecedented price points. For less than 1 dollar per hour of operations, exhibitors can now enjoy laser image quality and ease of mind from a brand-new laser phosphor projector.

Superior image quality
By introducing the DP4K-BLP projectors with native 4K and high-lumen light output, laser phosphor projection will now find its way to many large cinema screens across the globe. The SLP range brings laser phosphor quality to the smallest theaters at a very attractive price point. Varying in brightness levels – up to 24,500 lumens – and providing native 2K or 4K resolution, the laser phosphor projection portfolio combines Barco’s renowned DCI-compliant image quality with the outstanding uniformity and contrast that’s unique to laser illumination. The laser phosphor projectors show improved image quality on both white and silver screens and are fully compatible with popular 3D systems. Additionally, the projector’s light output remains constant over time.

Unprecedented ease of mind
Exhibitors who already own a B-series or S-series Barco cinema projector don’t need to invest in an entirely new model to benefit from laser technology. They can simply retrofit their current projector with a laser phosphor module. Based on a laser light source, the laser cinema projectors increase uptime and eliminate the costs, administration, and maintenance related to lamp-based illumination, for worry-free operation. The light output of the laser phosphor projectors can be dimmed to 30% of their initial brightness, enabling users to show both 2D and 3D content from one and the same projector.

Next-generation Barco Alchemy server
Barco Alchemy ICMP (with HDMI2.0)Next to its new laser cinema projectors, Barco also introduces its brand-new Barco Alchemy Integrated Cinema Media Processor (ICMP) as an option. With this next-generation ICMP, exhibitors can leverage the full benefits of alternative content by directly hooking up their ‘UHD Premium’ sources to the projector. Two additional HDMI2.0 interfaces have been added to the ICMP, while keeping its legacy HDMI1.4 (and SDI) inputs. This gives users the option to hook up four different sources. Thanks to the capabilities of HDMI2.0, the 4K HFR and 4K 3D capabilities that the projector and server already had are now linked to a much wider portfolio of new alternative content sources.

Barco delivers the future of cinema, today!
Barco leads the worldwide conversion from traditional lamp-based cinema projectors to laser-illuminated cinema projectors:

  • Over 40 top exhibitors have already selected Barco’s flagship laser projectors, totaling over 150 installations worldwide.
  • With 25 all-laser complexes committed, leading exhibitors are switching to Barco’s full range of flagship laser and laser phosphor solutions to turn their cinemas into all-laser multiplexes that offer the perfect match between premium experiences and cost-effective operations.
  • 1,500 units of the DP2K-15CLP and DP2K-20CLP laser phosphor projectors will be installed by end of 2016.

Visit Barco at CineAsia 2016
Barco will showcase its full laser projection portfolio at Booth 301 at CineAsia 2016 − from 6-8 December at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center, Hong Kong.