Barco Sales Numbers for G-Series Projectors Reach 10,000 Units

barco g series

Barco shared a new milestone for its G-series as the sales numbers of the single-chip laser phosphor projectors has hit the mark of 10.000 units. Barco says the achievement is a momentous attestation to both the growth of immersive experiences and the sustained efforts of the company and its partners in bringing best-seller solutions for every budget.

The Barco G-series brings “uncompromised laser phosphor projection with six cost-effective projectors between 7 and 22K lumens.”

This growth can largely be attributed to the demand for engaging and interactive experiences in theme parks and museums and the increasing popularity of digital art installations. And in this realm of immersive experiences, projectors play a crucial role. From large-scale projections on buildings and landmarks to smaller-scale installations in galleries and other cultural spaces, artists are using projection technology to create interactive, multi-sensory experiences that engage and inspire audiences.

Barco says the company believes the demand for projectors in these markets is expected to continue to grow in the coming years as more and more organizations and artists turn to projection technology to create unique and engaging experiences for their audiences. With the increasing affordability and versatility of projectors like the G62, it is likely that we will see even more innovative uses for this technology in the future.