Barco Announces 13 Percent Increase in Revenue for 2015

clickshare-amazing-0216Barco announced their 2015 financials today and, if you were wondering if the projection market is healthy, if Barco’s an indicator, it must be.

In addition to over €1.28 Billion in sales for 2015, Barco booked €1.043 in orders and had a gross profit margin of 35 percent — a profit margin unlikely to be duplicated by many display manufacturers. Also, adjusted EBITDA of €74.1 million (+ 14.4 million euro) or 7.2 percent of sales (+ 0.6 puts from 2014).

“We are proud to present good results for the year 2015,” said Eric Van Zele, President and CEO.  “Through strong execution in all businesses, Barco delivered double digit profitable growth for 2015 and generated significantly higher free cash.”

Van Zele said each of the divisions produced sales growth, delivered improved EBITDA margins and launched new growth initiatives. The Entertainment division sustained its leadership position in Cinema and the Healthcare division continued to gain traction with its digital operating room solutions. The Enterprise division continued to gain share in the Corporate market with ClickShare, while Control Rooms stabilized sales.

I think the mention of ClickShare is intentional. They celebrated selling the 100,000th ClickShare here at ISE 2016 and, at a likely margin of 60 percent (that’s my guess, not official from Barco), that would mean that ClickShare has likely generated somewhere in the range of €103,000 in revenue.

Their 2016 outlook was also positive but tempered (and, remember, Barco is a public company so they have to be careful with projections and likely keep them conservative), but Barco’s release said that considering current uncertain macro-economic conditions and assuming currencies at current levels, management expects sales to grow in the mid-single digit range. Including continued investments in planned growth initiatives in our core business, we expect organic EBITDA for the year 2016 to remain level with 2015.

Barco is here.