Has Anyone Else Noticed Barco’s Rebranding?

Barco — Belgian American Radio Corporation

I am sure I can’t be the only person in AV who’s noticed the subtle re-branding of Barco. But no one seems to be talking about it.

Go look at their website, for example. It’s different — more retail-like.

And, then, on Friday, I found this video — it only has 800 or so views, but it seems to pushing a new branding effort of the company:

Oh, and the Barco red is more red, like YouTube red:






So, what’s this mean?

Well, it’s good branding, from my eyes. It’s “fresher (yes that’s a marketing thing) and cleaner.” No doubt about it. Kudos to the marketing team over there in Belgium at this 83-year-old company.

And, they have a new tagline: “Enabling bright outcomes.” I kind of like that.

As you may know, I am a branding guy — I love everything there is about branding and branding matters. And, this should work for them.

Will it sell more projectors or ClickShares? No.

But, will it enable them to get noticed more often? Yes.

This new branding effort for Barco is clearly and obviously end-user focused. And, so is the market, truth be told. Yes, the integrates still control the market — as they maintain the relationship with the customers. But, this will help Barco get noticed and stand out in a sea of overly technical terms and industry filled with acronyms.

And, a company needs to do this every once in a while. If not for marketing purposes, do it for your own people — it helps them feel better about where they work — I mean, who doesn’t like shiny new business card?