A Merger Done Right: Barco and projectiondesign Celebrate First Birthday

barco-projectiondesign-joining-forces-0114I was honored to be invited to be the MC for the first birthday celebration of the merger between Barco and projectiondesign this morning; but, problem was, I was nervous. After 20-some years of interviewing all sorts of industry experts, pundits, executives and spokespeople, I can’t remember having more butterflies than I had this morning just seconds before going live (we streamed this video live) to kick-off the birthday celebration.

Here I am sitting between two general managers, Wim Buyens of Barco and Jorn Erikson or projectiondesign — two industry leaders and icons — and I can barely remember my first question; let alone my second. But, I had to go on and had to pull it together.

Just as we’re about to go on, a giant birthday cake and champagne is placed on the table in front of us; I am relaxed now — cake is forthcoming!

On to the interview: Barco and projectiondesign celebrated with a “We Are One” campaign that completes the merger of the two separate display manufacturers into one BARCO brand.

Unlike the Panasonic takeover of Sanyo of a few years ago and the infamous InFocus debacle takeover of Proxima of a decade ago, this merger worked. And, you can credit that to Messrs. Buyens and Erikson — they did it right!

projectiondesign and Barco are now one BARCO.

We recorded the live-streamed video interview I did with both company’s leaders and you can watch it here. In it, I ask all about the projectiondesign brand name and what will become of it, what the corporate structure will look like and what the future holds for the two companies.

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Congratulations to Barco and its management team! Bravo…