Barco Now Offering New RGB Laser Rear-Projection Video Walls for Mission Control Rooms

barco rgb laser

Barco just introduced its new generation RGB laser rear-projection video walls for the mission-critical control room market. According to the company, the Barco RGB Laser ODL series was introduced in 2016 and has been the flagship solution ever since. With the introduction of this newest generation laser engine, the ODL series now gets a major update.

The high-brightness RGB Laser engine allows control rooms to operate in the optimal conditions for the end users. The unique Sense X calibration system automatically and continuously adjusts brightness and color over the complete wall during the entire lifetime, making sure the displayed images reduce eye fatigue in 24/7 applications. Additionally, no heat is radiated out of the screens, further optimizing the ergonomics for the operators and simplifying the room temperature control systems.

The laser engine introduces new laser banks, improving the light source lifetime in different operational modes. The accompanying WallConnect software has further evolved, improving the user experience during setup, configuration, operation and maintenance. Along with the ODL-series’ motorized seven-axis alignment, this makes the installation process smoother and more straightforward. The system is also ready for remote management and monitoring, optimizing the availability and lifetime within the mission-critical environments.

The new engine will be available within the full RGB Laser portfolio, covering 70” to 80” sizes and supporting both FHD and SXGA+ resolutions. Multiple screen options are available to deliver the optimum result depending on the application, control room environment and budget.

Existing customers can upgrade their installed base of lamp and LED cubes, which means a complete technology refresh can be accomplished while keeping the mechanical structure and screens. This lowers the cost and timeframe of the refurbishment and reduces waste and can often be accomplished without any operational interruption. Being able to upgrade video walls (running already for more than 10 years) with the latest projection technology at a reduced cost — for another 10 years of service — is a crucial advantage of rear projection.

The ODL series also received the “Barco Eco Product label A” as it further reduces the environmental footprint. Barco’s stringent eco-scoring scores energy efficiency, material usage, packaging/logistics and end-of-life processes in line with ISO14021 standards.

The next generation RGB Laser ODL series are available for shipments starting August 2020.