Barco, NEC and Samsung All Tout Bezel-less LCDs for Wall Apps

nec 0509

nec-0509NEC was first to the market in announcing their bezel-less LCD with the X461UN.  Everyone decided to order it and it’s one of the hottest products not quite yet on the market today.  Enter Barco.  Last month, Barco entered the field with their NSL-4601 and they claim they are days away from shipping.  Then comes Samsung.  With no ship date yet, their 460UT line is also a 46” LCD when set side by side with another in the line, you barely see the bezel.

It’s going to be a race to see who ships first, for sure, but the real winner may come from who can support it long term.  NEC’s got the upper hand there with customer service awards out the wazoo, but Barco’s got some fans out there who’d like to see them come back into the flat-screen market. Right now the only success Barco is seeing in display is with their leadership position in LEDs.

One thing is for sure — at InfoComm, prepare to be wowed as each of them will have their bezel-less monitors at the show — and wait, what’s that I hear?  Ah, a rAVe Scoop:  An “S” company just whispered in my ear that they’ll be in the bezel-less display market too!

InfoComm, we love it and we will be there!  Will you?  You’d better be.