Barco Intros Lossless Encoding/Decoding

NGS-D200-2-0114Barco’s new version of its TransForm N system is the NGS-D200 video-to-data (V2D) encoder/decoder that’s capable of streaming graphics of up to 4 megapixels across networks.

Barco’s TransForm N networked visualization system is an information distribution system that can distribute content from an infinite number of sources to an infinite number of displays. Simply connect the source (road camera, sensor, computer, etc.) to the TransForm N encoder to enter the video, images or data into the secure IP-based system. The standard Internet infrastructure then transports this information wherever you want, all over the world.

Inputs feature dual link DVI-I capable of streaming video and graphics of up to 4 million pixels at full frame rate (60 fps) and the codec (supporting 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 sampling) enables pixel-accurate content replication and features adaptive frame rate capabilities: in other words, you can selectively drop frames to maintain optimal image quality and robustness, even in cases of restricted bandwidth. Acting as both encoder and decoder, the NGS-D200 can switch between sending and receiving in real-time using keyboard and mouse control.

The NGS-D200 is available in Lite, Pro, and 3D Pro versions, varying in resolution and 3D support. Barco told rAVe it will soon release NGS-D200 compatibility with TransForm C — a stand-alone codec.

Here are all the specs.