Barco Launches NexxisCare Software System to Manage ORs Remotely

barco nexxiscare

Barco launched NexxisCare, a software system that offers the capability to continuously manage ORs in multiple facilities remotely, anticipate issues and improve efficiency in surgical environments, whatever their size.

In line with the trend toward big data use in clinical environments, NexxisCare is a flexible, cloud-based software system that enables connecting and managing multiple ORs of various facilities. NexxisCare collects technical data from the OR and visualizes them in a structured dashboard. In this way, problems can be detected proactively, and maintenance can be scheduled in time.

OR Integrators, Service Managers and Biomedical Engineers will enjoy an intuitive dashboard of the status of their ORs per facility. They can zoom in to each OR’s devices for detailed reports and problem analyses. An intuitive interface guides the user to the failure, offering graphics on fiber quality, device temperature and fan speed, a problem description and repair advice.

NexxisCare remotely monitors fiber quality and heat of the OR’s equipment based on information gathered by Barco’s OR-over-IP system Nexxis, making it easier to anticipate issues and to schedule and perform proactive maintenance activities. Color codes and graphs visualize each OR’s digital setup. This helps to avoid unexpected downtime, unplanned costs or delayed interventions — in short, Barco says it will support the OR’s reliability.