Barco Launches New ClickShare in 4K Capable CSE-800

barco-CSE-800-0117Barco is about to one-up the ante in the wireless video/collaboration market with a totally new ClickShare model — finally one that’s actually 4K. The new CSE-800 is a is basically a 4K ClickShare with two 4K DCI (4096×2160) outputs (on HDMI) — but, it’s not as if they just took the functionality of the CSE-200 and changed the 1080p outputs and made them 4K. In this case, you can actually have 8-sources on screen at the same time — four 2×2 tiled sources on each wall. Thus, each of the eight images would be 1080p native resolution. Four ClickShare buttons are included with the CSE-800.

In addition, Barco has added both Whiteboarding functionality as well as Annotation capabilities. In the Whiteboard mode, the screen is, exactly that, a digital whiteboard — like many interactive displays have nowadays. And, Barco says you can draw, write and collaborate with anything shown on the screen and it’s simultaneous. Integrated with Apple AirPlay, Google Cast and MirrorOp, the CSE-800 now has configurable three-layer security as well as the same feature allowing you to hide the SSID of the base unit. But, they’ve added dual-network connectivity to be able to accommodate both the connected network as well as guest network connectivity (to allow casual presenters to be able to connect to a system without having to be given access to the corporate or facility-wide network).

Here are all the detailed tech specs.