Barco Launches CTRL — a Control Room Software Platform

barco ctrl

Last week, Barco launched something dubbed Barco CTRL, its new control room software platform. The ambition is to simplify workflows, deployment and serviceability, allowing users to securely connect to their sources, from any location, and interact with the content on any video wall or operator desk.

Barco says CTRL is very powerful, it is also “simple to set up and use,” deployment uses a wizard that guides the installer through the configuration process.

The company says the user interface was designed for intuitive use, creating a situational overview that can be “easily tailored to the operator’s personal preferences and function.” Barco CTRL also offers one single platform for all control room visualization. Serving both the video wall and the operator desk, Barco CTRL extends the same experience over the complete control room and beyond (including break-out rooms, remote locations, etc.). This further adds to the intuitive workflow and saves time during crisis moments.

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Barco CTRL is a system that lets users prepare for any situation. Including additional sources, adding extra operator positions, creating or expanding a video wall and deploying subsidiary control rooms. By simply adding additional encoders and decoders, the solution can start small and potentially expand to a global system. Next to that, Barco CTRL also integrates easily into 3rd party video management systems through APIs.

Barco says CTRL was created from scratch, “strictly following the ‘Security by design’ principles. In this way, users can securely connect to their sources, from any location.” All communication layers between devices are fully secure. Conceived with best practices like “Zero Trust” and “Shift Left” in mind, Barco says CTRL is a full-featured solution that can even be deployed in the most secure critical environments.

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