Barco Just Debuted All-New UniSee II LCD Video Wall System

Barco just announced its new LCD video wall, Barco UniSee II. This new generation of the Barco UniSee platform combines improved image performance with precise and predictable installation and maintenance. The color gamut has been significantly increased by applying quantum dot technology. In addition, the video wall’s contrast is increased to High Dynamic Range (HDR) levels by implementing a mini-LED backlight unit, which allows more refined and accurate local dimming. The resulting deep blacks, boosted white and more saturated colors allow to create the intended impact.

Because a video wall must appear as a single canvas, the individual displays must be perfectly aligned. Mechanically (thanks to the renowned Barco Mount), but also optically. Sense X, which matches the brightness and colors automatically and in real-time, has been extended to match the contrast. Hence, it creates a perfectly balanced single canvas for static and dynamic content.

Video walls are intended to be viewed regardless of ambient lighting conditions, wherever you are in the room, or whatever content is displayed. Barco UniSee II ensures that the content always comes across. Advanced polarizer technology delivers a constant performance, whatever the viewing angle. Moreover, Barco UniSee II’s eye fatigue reduction and reduced radiated heating, provide the comfort control room operators need. The brightness of 800 nit, with the possibility to locally boost up to 1300 nit, makes all visuals shine, no matter the ambient lighting conditions.

The real use power consumption of Barco UniSee II is 20% lower compared to the previous generation, thanks to mini-LED backlights. Additionally, the uptime is maximized due to the very high reliability of the platform (with redundancy options for critical components). This results in a high Return on Investment (ROI).