Barco Intros New Line of High Resolution Indoor LED Walls

barco-led-0215Barco introduced a new range of high-resolution indoor LED video walls. With a pixel pitch of only 1.6 mm, 1.9 mm, and 2.7 mm, the X series couples the benefits of LED visualization with very high resolution. They are positioning these for emerging video wall markets and new markets, including control rooms and boardrooms.

The Barco X Series have some interesting features – including front access, factory calibration, high-quality dimming, and they even claim an easy and fast installation.

Barco’s high-definition X Series are integrated with Barco’s Infinipix image processing platform. Infinipix drives all LED tiles at the highest image quality and with the highest color accuracy in and between tiles. The Infinipix technology also goes a step further in offering an extended form of signal redundancy: in the unlikely event that the data path between the tiles is interrupted, a redundant data path takes over to ensure that an uninterrupted image is displayed.

Although Barco’s LED walls are of the highest quality, there is still a slight chance that a pixel fails. When this happens, Barco’s “Pixel Fusion” technology (lighting up surrounding pixels) makes sure dead pixels are virtually unnoticeable. So, your wall remains fully operational.

Barco’s says their LED walls are designed to be set up quickly and easily, to perform from the first moment, and to have a minimum of maintenance downtime. Using super-precise mechanics and an innovative truss beam installation technology, our LED walls can be installed faster, cheaper and more accurately on uneven floors. Furthermore, the LEDs are perfectly calibrated when they leave the factory, so you have a perfect image from the start. The front access to the tiles also ensures faster and risk-free servicing.

Complete specs are here.