Barco Intros New Laser Video Walls

barco-laser-0616Barco introduces RGB laser-powered rear-projection video walls. The Flagship laser series for 24/7 control rooms offers all the advantages of RGB laser projection for large video walls – including laser brightness levels and vibrant colors like never before, with an unmatched lifetime and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

To enable operators to view all the details on the video wall, control rooms have typically operated in dimmed or managed lighting environments. With the Flagship laser series for 24/7 control rooms, Barco literally lets the daylight in. Providing 2x more brightness than mainstream LED-lit video walls, this new series allows mission critical control rooms to operate under all lighting conditions – day or night.

The latest generation Barco Sense X automatic calibration technology is also integrated into this new generation of RGB laser video-walls. This system continuously measures brightness and color levels, and makes sure the video wall is perfectly calibrated at all times – not only inside the individual cubes, but over the entire video-wall.

Barco’s Flagship laser video walls for 24/7 control rooms are extremely energy-efficient. With a power consumption of 25 percent less (at higher brightness levels) than conventional LED-lit video walls and an energy efficiency of 3x lumens/watt, this innovative series is not only good for the energy bill, but for the environment too! In addition, thanks to the lower heat production of the laser units and cooling architecture, low-noise fans can be used, further reducing the noise level and hence increasing the operator’s comfort.

Barco’s Flagship laser display for 24/7 control rooms has a fully motorized engine. Installers and maintenance staff never need to open the individual cubes to bring the wall into perfect alignment. Instead, the video wall can be perfectly aligned − including keystone correction − by a single technician standing in front of the wall and using a remote control. Far more efficient, more reliable and less time-consuming, it is estimated that this new technology can save 50 percent of alignment time during set-up.

Barco’s Flagship laser display for 24/7 control rooms is available in 16:9 aspect ratio, with a screen diagonal of 70” and Full HD resolution. Different screen options, including Barco’s unique NoGap screen, are available to guarantee an optimal viewing experience for each application and environment.

Barco’s video walls are here.