Barco Introduces Next Generation of UniSee LCD Video Walls resizeimage 1 10Barco introduced the next generation of its high-brightness Barco UniSee LCD video wall. This is the last step in the full LCD video wall portfolio renewal. This new generation builds on the unique strengths of Barco UniSee and further optimizes the state-of-the-art image quality for use in a broader range of applications. The next generation high-brightness Barco UniSee will start shipping from July ’21 onwards.

Barco UniSee was launched in 2017 and won a “Best of the Best” Red Dot Design award for its simplified installation precision, ease-of-servicing and reliability in critical environments. Today, Barco says more than 2,500 of its UniSee video walls have been deployed for a wide variety of applications.

With an improved color performance under wide viewing angles and proprietary local dimming technology, the UniSee improves contrast with dark backgrounds and reduces power consumption. Barco UniSee is also suited for use in even more applications, according to the company: Control rooms, corporate lobbies, television studios, boardrooms and experience centers. Barco’s Sense X automatic calibration technology is further enhanced with the intra tile and full wall uniformity. The patented UniSee Mount solution ensures precise and uniform seams.

Barco also further evolved the deployment and serviceability of the platform, making it easier for partners to get the wall up and running and keeping it operational with minimum interrupts. Introducing the Video Wall Management Suite allows resellers and managed service providers to monitor and manage the complete installed base from a central location. This solution comes free of charge during the warranty period and can be extended with a service contract or subscription offer. Barco’s service portfolio has also been renewed, offering comprehensive packages for the complete product lifecycle. This allows customers and resellers alike to experience the best possible protection and optimal uptime.

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Eco-design has grown into a strategic focus point for Barco as the company strives towards more sustainable solutions. The next generation of Barco UniSee series obtained the Barco Eco Product label following stringent ISO14021 compliant eco-scoring methodology.