Barco Introduces HD Digital Mirror System for Large-Venue Projectors

Barco-MMS-System-jpg-0614Barco showed at InfoComm the MMS (Moving Mirror System), a new projector accessory that empowers show designers with HD images anywhere on stage or within an exhibit. From installations to rental and staging, the new MMS is integrated with options for programming dynamic, artistic shows. Using a large, custom front surface and optically flat mirror, the MMS quickly and easily delivers pristine HD images at the command of the designer.

The MMS augments Barco’s large-venue projectors with the capability to broadcast a variety of pre-programmed images. Eliminating the need for custom rigging frames and heavy yokes to position visuals where desired, the MMS system enables the projector to be rigged in its natural position, with the mirror doing all the work remotely. Then, it can be controlled either via the layout of the projector, the Barco Projector Toolset, or with an external lighting DMX desk.

The MMS System was developed by High End Systems. The high-definition digital mirror system attaches to Barco’s HDX, HDF and HDQ series large-venue projectors, and is available in two versions: the MMS-100 includes an Axon HD media server onboard with the mirror and the MMS-200 features only the mirror component.

More information is here.