Barco introduces 2 new ClickShare models

barcoKortrijk, Belgium, 4 February 2016 – Barco, a global leader in professional meeting room visualization, announces an important expansion of its ClickShare wireless presentation and collaboration portfolio. The CS-100 and CSE-200 join the ClickShare range of products, offering users the freedom to better tailor the ClickShare technology to the requirements of both the meeting room and the participants. Barco’s ClickShare portfolio now serves the complete spectrum of meeting rooms − from small huddle rooms to large boardrooms.


Barco developed ClickShare to give presenters the technical capabilities and confidence they need to be successful. With this wireless presentation and collaboration system, users can share the data on their laptop or mobile device, via the presentation screen, with ease. No cables, no set-up, no waiting to join in. ClickShare’s most prominent advantage is the use of Buttons – USB-powered devices users plug into their PC or Mac − which wirelessly transmit the content from the laptop to the large meeting room screen with just a simple click. Anyone – including guests – can share right away, without the need for training. And with the ClickShare App, users can also share content from their mobile phones or tablets.

A ClickShare for every meeting room
With the release of the CS-100, Barco offers the first ClickShare unit designed for small meeting and huddle rooms, where sharing is a basic need. This unit gives presenters full confidence that no technical hick-up will mar the success of their presentation.

The CS-100 is a stand-alone model, with an HDMI output, that allows up to 8 users to connect, with one user sharing at a time. This can be done using the ClickShare Button or the ClickShare App. The CS-100 includes the standard ClickShare security features, including encryption, login management, https, and the possibility to hide the SSID of the Base Unit’s wireless network.

The CSE-200 has been developed for enterprise rollouts that require enhanced security features, a wider range of connectivity options (including AirPlay support), or central management. This unit can be integrated into the company’s network to enable remote management. Two users can share on-screen at the same time – via ClickShare Buttons or the ClickShare App, or a combination of the two. Ideal for standard meeting rooms, the CSE-200 creates a perfect environment for sparking creativity. For user convenience, the CSE-200’s security features can be set to one of three pre-defined levels, depending on the company’s policies and needs. Last but not least, the device’s API makes integration into the company network a lot easier.

Plug into simplicity – tap into amazing
“The CS-100 and CSE-200 are two important additions to the ClickShare product portfolio, greatly expanding our market reach,” says Jan Willem Brands, VP Collaboration at Barco. “Joining the CSC-1 − which was optimized for high-profile meeting rooms and boardrooms, allowing 4 users to share simultaneously and to connect to screens with UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution − Barco now offers a ClickShare model that fits any meeting room, from small huddle room to boardroom. The new tagline − ‘Plug into simplicity – tap into amazing’ − sums up the product’s main benefits: a very simple-to-use solution that brings never-seen-before value to the users. The CS-100 and CSE-200 now complete our portfolio and will add a new chapter to ClickShare’s success story.”

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The CS-100 and CSE-200 units will have their trade show premiere at the Barco booth at ISE (Amsterdam, 9-12 February, booth 11-F100). Join us there for more information and hands-on trials.