Barco Intends to “Redeploy” Up to 239 Positions (AKA, People)

rAVe has obtained a copy of an internal memo from Barco CEO Jan De Witte that both explains both how Barco is planning to “refocus on the customer” while potentially eliminating as many as 239 jobs. Although this may seem like a large number, Barco has about 3,600 employees worldwide, so this is only about 7 percent of its workforce.

The company’s five-part restructuring plan starts with a specific list of organizational changes but seems to be overshadowed by the unfortunate news that this plan “could impact 239 positions worldwide, of which 54 are in Belgium.” Barco’s very-much has a family-oriented reputation with many of their workers being lifelong employees of the company and this is unfortunate news. De Witte does, however, specifically say that their ambition is to “look into all possible options to redeploy employees within or outside Barco.”

The five-part plan includes:

  1. Roll-Out a new Marketing Plan for 2019 that’s common across all regions. (Translation: A common global marketing plan with identical objectives.)
  2. They are investing in agile-based software organizational plans.
  3. They are installing a Commercial Lifestyle blueprint to speed up and focus on the consumer decision journey. (Translation: This is a marketing concept perfected by McKinsey & Company some 11 years ago — you can read about it here.). I teach this marketing philosophy at the University of North Carolina — and it works.
  4. Make strategic project choices. (Translation: Cut down the number of products… and probably people.)
  5. Simplify organizational processes. (Translation: Eliminate the parts of middle-management that slow down decision making.)

Barco told everyone through the memo (a copy is attached) today and informed them that an all-company meeting would be held in the coming days. We will keep you informed.