Barco Adds In-Wall Consoles for Hospital Operating Rooms

barcoAfter having integrated 4K and 3D imaging within Nexxis’ functionalities, Barco expands its medical product portfolio with a family of in-wall consoles for the operating room. Just like Barco’s other surgical displays, the MDMX series can be added on a plug-and-play basis to any new or existing Nexxis integration.

Every year, more things are possible in the digital operating room but that presents challenges too:

  • Hardware needs to be maintained and software needs to be updated in time.
  • The lifecycles of individual products need to be monitored.
  • New products (sometimes from different vendors) need to be validated into existing setups.
  • OR integrators need to be able to track which devices are installed where.

That is why Barco say it’s expanded its hardware portfolio with three new in-wall consoles that have built-in Nexxis functionality. The advantages that in-wall consoles offer ORs include:

  • They present information that can easily be viewed from anywhere in the OR.
  • They enable placing multiple images or video sources next to each other.
  • They take up no space, as they’re built into the OR wall.
  • They make it very easy to interact with remote-PC video sources.

Barco’s MDMX family of in-wall consoles have built-in Nexxis functionality, so they can be integrated easily within both new and existing Nexxis systems, without struggles with connectivity or compatibility. The series also makes it possible to attach mobile devices, such as C-arms, to Nexxis.

All three consoles offer a Nexxis button that can be programmed for specific tasks: start or stop recordings, take snapshots, change video layouts, etc.

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The MDMX series offers a choice between three different displays, each with a black protective, anti-reflective glass front cover that allows easy cleaning and disinfecting:

  • MDMX-22400 GNTB: 24”, full-HD console.
  • MDMX-25500 GNNB: 55”, 4K console.
  • MDMX-22449 GNTB: combined display configuration of a 24” full-HD and a 49” 4K display.

The MDMX-22400 GNTB and MDMX-25500 GNNB can be combined next to each other in a dual setup. The consoles come with optional trackpad, mouse and foldable IP68 keyboard, available in multiple languages.