Barco Adds Two New G-Series Projector Lines of Single-Chip Laser Projectors

Barco G60 and G62 seriesBarco has added two new G-series projector lines (G60 and G62) of single-chip laser projectors. They support HDMI2.0 and 3D SYNC and are capable of down-scaling 4K input sources that provide HD 3D stereo capabilities. The G62s bring new OSD embedded warping and blending capabilities for projecting on all sorts of surfaces.

The G60 and G62 series projectors use all the same lenses as the G-series and are available in both black and white chassis. The G60 includes a 10,000 lumen W10, a 7000 lumen W7 and an 8000 lumen W8, and all three are native WUXGA (1920 x 1200). The G62 series includes the W11 at 11,000 lumens and the W9 at 9000 lumens. These are also WUXGA but are priced for budget-conscious applications.