Barco Adds New F400-4K Solid-State Projector

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Barco launched a new projector in its solid-state F400 range. The F400-4K joins the F400-N4K (native 4K), couples laser projection, high-speed processing, and reliability with 4K UHD resolution. You may recall that the F400 range is designed for training and simulation applications.

The F400 range is designed specifically for the demanding training and simulation market requirements. The WQXGA (2560 x 1600) native resolution of the new F400-4K, which can be lifted to 4K using the built-in pixel-shift capability, “brings any simulation content to life with excellent detail and precision.”  For even more detail, Barco recommends F400-N4K, with its native resolution of 4K (4,096 x 2,176) and the possibility to pixel-shift to 6K.

The F400-4K has a processing speed up to 120 Hz at native WQXGA. The F400-N4K will be capable of going up to 240Hz at native 4K resolution. This makes sure that even the fastest-moving scenarios show all the details. A dedicated FS400 series, designed for NVG stimulation applications, features an IR light source with increased intensity.

The F400 series includes a static phosphor plate instead of a phosphor wheel in the illumination path. This means the F400 is a solid-state projector with no moving parts. The unique H-beam-shaped aluminum core gives the projector a weight distribution with the electronics, hardware and software built around the core. Maintenance staff can access the components from both top and bottom if required. This also protects the F400 series against shocks and vibration and makes it ideal to be mounted on fast-moving motion platforms.

For the most extreme situations, Barco has designed optional lens support kits that stiffen the entire structure throughout, from the external lens through all its internal lenses to the engine with prisms and imager chip.