Barco Reopens Experience Center With Updated Tech

barco experience center

Barco‘s Experience Center inside its headquarters opened over six years ago. Since then, the company has welcomed and impressed over 70,000 visitors and after the long lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 — caused by the virus that shall not be named — the company has started to welcome visitors AND employees again. All the tech has been updated, too.

The undertaking started in April of this year and on Sept. 8, Barco officially inaugurated the new Kortrijk experience center in the presence of investors and analysts who stopped by the headquarters for biennial Capital Markets Day.

The most noticeable change can be found in the Immersive Experiences demo center, where two new digital characters — Dave and Diane — talk about the entertainment markets, portfolio and references. They will be telling the Barco story in a way the company knows best: Through immersive visuals. In addition, Barco will showcase a real immersive experience based on the work of the painter Kandinsky.

Other updates include:

  • A new welcome in the lobby with a kinetic digital art installation.
  • The implementation of our newest LED range, TruePix, in the enterprise demo center.
  • An entirely new 10-seat home cinema on an entirely new location.
  • A complete update of our diagnostic imaging, surgical and modality solutions in the healthcare pod.
  • The addition of different weConnect demo use cases for our learning experience segment.