Barco Debuts New Overture AV Control System Aimed at Meeting Rooms at InfoComm

Barco will provide an opportunity for visitors at InfoComm to test drive the new Overture solution. The new version of Overture will be available to ship by Aug. 31, 2017. This new system is an attempt for Barco to take a position in the control system market — competing with CrestronExtronAMXUtelogy, etc.

Overture is an enterprise-wide AV control software solution. It controls and monitors all AV and other networked devices in multiple locations via an interactive user interface. Running on commercial off-the-shelf hardware, Overture features a low total cost of ownership while helping to reduce other operating costs in the office environment.

The latest version of Overture emphasizes automation. Overture “behaviors” enable the automatic creation of tasks for specific rooms. For example, an administrator can set a task to automatically switch on or off all the devices in a single room — without any programming. The system can seamlessly integrate with presentation tools such as Barco ClickShare, allowing a presenter to set-up the room in seconds — from switching on the main display to adjusting the lighting — with the touch of a ClickShare button.

The Scheduler capability now allows users to set certain actions at pre-defined moments in time, such as turning off all devices at night to save electricity. With the addition of the Behaviors and Scheduling functions, a facility or IT manager can easily configure the system to enable the entire enterprise to be controlled with the click of a button, or even execute tasks automatically for specific times.

Barco’s Overture AV can be found here.