Barco Debuts ClickShare Desktop App

Barco will add both a Windows and Mac Desktop App to the ClickShare product line in July. Launching the ClickShare Desktop App for PC and Mac was a logical next step for Barco as now you can use the ClickShare via the Button, the Desktop App or both.

The experience of sharing with the virtual Button or the Desktop App is no different than sharing with a real ClickShare Button (it’s just a virtual button). Users of the ClickShare Desktop App have extra functionalities including room presence detection and the pause functionality. The Desktop App is compatible with all current ClickShare models but Barco recommends updating the ClickShare Base Unit to the 1.7 firmware.

Microsoft will add a driver package for ClickShare devices to their Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 Update from July 2019 onwards. This means that a ClickShare executable will start automatically when sharing with a ClickShare Button. Users no longer need to run the executable file either manually or automatically via the ClickShare Launcher as part of the Extension Pack. For the driver to work perfectly, the ClickShare Base Unit and Buttons need an update to the latest firmware version 1.8.

In fact, plugging in a ClickShare Button is similar to plugging in a USB mouse or pointer as a driver is automatically downloaded and installed. So users can start using the mouse, pointer or Button at once. Users need to make sure they have internet access so the driver can be downloaded without issues. When users plug in a ClickShare Button, they can share content on a meeting room screen within seconds, without being required to take any actions, making sharing with ClickShare a truly seamless experience.

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