Barco ClickShare Now Provides Usage Insights Directly to Microsoft’s Teams Rooms Pro Management Portal

2.22BarcoClickShare MSTeams

Barco entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft around Teams devices that will enable ClickShare devices to provide data that will be available through Microsoft’s Teams Rooms Pro Management Portal.

As you likely know, the Barco ClickShare solution enables users to host calls from their own laptop with their preferred videoconferencing platform, using the audio and video equipment in the meeting room. ClickShare still leads the market with its wireless charing devices (including its ClickShare Conference approach) with an estimated market share of over 56% (based on rAVe’s internal research) of the global wireless conferencing market.

With more than 240,000 ClickShare Conference devices in the field, ClickShare could be a significant data source for Microsoft Teams Rooms management capabilities and will feed into future initiatives. This first step provides insights for IT decision makers without changing the user experience. When initiating a Teams call, the user’s Teams desktop client identifies the connected microphone, speaker, and camera via the ClickShare Base Unit and Button, passing the data into the Teams Pro Portal. Once multiple users have connected to the same ClickShare Base Unit, the information is populated for IT managers as a potential shared space within the Pro Management portal, enabling registration and management of the meeting space.