Barco ClickShare Is Now Also a Digital Signage Player


Barco has added new functionality to its popular UCC and presentation device, ClickShare, allowing it to now become a digital signage player. Meeting room displays that are connected to ClickShare can now be leveraged as corporate branding tools or to distribute digital signage messages. The first digital signage partners are SignageliveSeenspire and Korbyt.

Digital signage messages can now be distributed across a range of ClickShare devices located in the facility. This enables organizations to keep meeting room visitors informed and engaged by delivering focused messages.

You can now simply publish and push content from your preferred digital signage platform to all meeting rooms equipped with ClickShare Conference or ClickShare Present and other locations in the workplace. Activation is simple — an organization’s IT department just needs to enable signage on ClickShare from the XMS cloud management platform.