Barco Adds Android App and Microsoft Office Support for ClickShare

barco-clickshare-0913Barco has extended BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) support for its ClickShare product with the release of a new Android app. The app extends ClickShare support for mobile devices beyond Apple’s iOS – the iOS app debuted in the Spring.

With ClickShare, Barco’s wireless meeting room collaboration system, users can present their content on the main meeting room screen with just the click of a button. Now users of Android phones and tablets can also enjoy the ClickShare experience with the new ClickShare mobile app for Android. The app provides a virtual button allowing users to show documents, pictures and screen shots in the ClickShare composition. As Android is now one of the most widely used platforms for smart devices in the world, this hugely expands the applicability of ClickShare.

The ClickShare iOS app has also been updated and is now compatible with Microsoft Office documents, as well as JPEG images and PDF documents. The ClickShare Android App is available to download free from the Google Play store now.

You can see the entire product line here.