Barco Capital to Provide Equipment Financing

barco-capital-0415Barco just launched a new program called Barco Capital, its brand-new portfolio of equipment financing options. Barco Capital opens up new ways for customers to finance their investment in cutting-edge Barco technology to boost their business while balancing the payment spike. The Barco Capital portfolio is initially available for the Digital Cinema, Venues and Hospitality, and Retail and Advertising product portfolios, starting with customers based in Europe and the Americas.

“With the launch of Barco Capital, Barco continues its strategic path of innovative growth,” says Paul Hermans, treasurer at Barco. “A pioneer in many industries, Barco has the legacy of being a true technology innovator. With Barco Capital, we are also raising the bar for innovative services — in this case, financial services. As a one-stop shop, we help customers acquire, maintain and experience the technology they need.”

The Barco Capital offering — structured by Barco and its financial partners in the applicable region — includes both standard and readily available financial offerings as well as more tailor-made financing products. In both cases customers know the costs, terms and duration beforehand for true peace of mind. With the introduction of the Barco Capital portfolio customers can now also turn to Barco to obtain the right financing for their investment.

Here are all the details.